Projekcija (01.10.10 @ 19h)

Nakon kratkog odmaka od gledanja komedija, opet je vrijeme za jednu. Radi se o kultnom filmu “Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure” iz 1989. godine.

Kratki sadržaj filma (s imdb-a) : “In the small town of San Dimas, a few miles away from Los Angeles, there are two nearly brain dead teenage boys going by the names of Bill S, Preston ESQ. and Ted Theodore Logan, they have a dream together of starting their own rock and roll band called the ‘Wyld Sallions’. Unfortunately, they are still in high school and on the verge of failing out of their school as well, and if they do not pass their upcoming history report, they will be separated as a result of Ted’s father sending him to military school ….”.

Vidimo se.

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